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For the first time ever, Tom Brady leads the NFL in merchandise sales. Nike now considering starting a line of shoes called “No-Air Brady’s”

The Patriots are the villains the NFL needs to make the league more interesting. Football without the Pats would be like Star Wars without Darth Vader.  Even Kobe Bryant, a great basketball player who wasn’t as good as advertised come championship time, didn’t win any Finals MVP Awards he didn’t deserve. Brady winning the Super Bowl MVP last year would have been like the NFL giving the award to Russell Wilson the year earlier. And he won AT LEAST one more he didn’t deserve.

Funny from a Pats fan: “As a Pats fan I’m torn. 4 games (equal to beating a woman or testing positive for PEDs) is truly ridiculous when compared to previous punishments for similar transgressions. ($50k/no games for failing to turn over a cell phone or a warning for ball tampering). On the other hand, extra rest and 25% fewer hits for an aging QB? And get the backup meaningful reps. I think sitting Brady for 4 games actually helps in the long run.
In either case, I cannot wait for Sunday, February 7th, 2016 when Goodell has to hand over the Lombardi trophy to Kraft and Belichick. Suck it haters. :)”

Those jersey sales figured are inflated. Brady is marked for life with a *. His reputation is shot. Hey, Pats fans happily jumped in on the internets inquisition of other guys. This time it happened to their guy.

Here comes NIKE (NYSE: NKE) about to capitalize on the events. Brady will get a huge deal once again, he is a Patriot after all.