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Are You Apart Of Your Parent's Retirement Plans?

Well. Yes you are. You got to be. For their well-being, comfort and finances. It wouldn't sit well with you if you knew that your mom or dad is still working at their age, maybe 70? And you are unable to assist them with resting. I believe that it is important to incorporate your parent's rest time in your career endeavors. Meaning get yourself into a career, or position that your income has the chance at becoming surplus enough to support your parents at their time of need. You can set up a savings account specifically for your parents retirement. Yea many of our parents already stack up for their retirement days by themselves but let's be honest here. Your parents still have to live on a strict budget (depending on how much they made throughout their life and actually saved). It is still a worry on the mind. I know I don't want my dad having to worry about that when he is ready to retire. Their retirement funds should be considered as pocket money. Children are responsible for their parents. Think of it like a payback thing. For some reason some people leave it up to their parents and just come by on holidays to check up on em, but aren't truly giving back. Isn't that what you would want your children to do for you? It will help uplift the abundance of your family name and set a rock upon the core family values. Your mom and dad have worked their butts off for 50 years straight. They deserve they mental and physical break. They don't have their parents to run to if they were in need, maybe they do but how likely is that going to be an option for them? It is important to make yourself available and as a resource for your parents. If you guys haven't bonded in lets say 10 years, i'm pretty sure your $500 monthly check to mom or dad will trigger that bond to manifest.