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Vaccines: The World Market

NEW YORK, May 11, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- The global market for human vaccines experienced strong growth through 2015. Through 2022, growth will be fueled by continued new product introductions, indication expansions for some products and rising usage, particularly in South America, Europe, India and China. Vaccines: The World Market examines the market for vaccines used in humans to prevent various types of disease. The report provides a comprehensive market summary, including:

Sales Growth of Vaccines vs. Pharmaceuticals, 2013-2022
World Market for Vaccines by Type, 2013-2022 (Pediatric, Adult)
The World Vaccines Market by Vaccine Type, 2013-2022 (pediatric:Combinations)(pediatric:Hepatitis)(pediatric:HIB)(pediatric:MMR)(pediatric:Pneumococcal)(pediatric:Poliovirus)(pediatric:Varicella)(pediatric:Others)(adult:Cervical Cancer)(adult:Hepatitis)(adult:Influenza)(adult:Pneumococcal)(adult:Travel - DT - Misc.)(adult:Total)
The World Vaccines Market by Region, 2013-2022 (U.S., North America / Caribbean, South America, EU, Japan, India, China, ROW, Total)
Major Manufacturers Shares of the World Vaccine Market, 2015
2015 World Vaccines Market Share, by Leading Competitors