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Mercedes-Benz Pickup Truck to Be Based on Nissan NP300

With news of Mercedes-Benz planning to unveil a pickup truck by 2020, reports confirm that the forthcoming truck from the German automobile maker will be based on the mid-size Nissan NP300. The development and release of the pickup truck is planned to initially target South Africa, Latin America, Europe and Australia. MBUSA CEO Steve Cannon explains the new pickup truck production as part of Mercedes-Benz’s global strategy for international expansion with vehicles tailored to the demands of several foreign markets. Although no U.S. division has been established for the pickup truck, Mercedes-Benz’s pickup truck is reported to sport two rows of seats and contain many of the same interior components and luxury features of Mercedes-Benz cars. Anticipate further news on the Mercedes-Benz pickup truck in the near future.

Author: Steven Suh