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Which Is the Oldest Bar in New York City?

A whirlwind history lesson served with a pint of beer.

In a city with 1,700 bars, anything to differentiate yourself from the crowd is vital to survive. That’s what the several bars depicted in this video by the Huffington Post are leaving nothing out in trying to take the title of “oldest bar in New York City.” Is it the East Village ale house opened in 1854 where Abraham Lincoln once made a speech? Perhaps the Queens tavern from 1829 where entertainer Mae West first performed at the turn of the 20th century? Or even the Financial District bar from 1762 where Washington bade farewell to his generals during the American Revolution? Although the answer might seem clear, there are many factors that work against all of these bars in claiming the title without dispute. Watch the video above to find out which, if any bar takes the title at all, and the unique place that each one has in the history of the city.

Author: Gavin Yeung