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Media Watch: Jihadi John, Identified

Turns out it wasn't abdel.

So it turns out that it wasn't the London rapper after all. The man behind the mask we all know as Jihadi John has now been formally identified Mohammed Emwazi. The fights on the internet are crazy, really angry bitter. Nothing polarizes people much more than terrorism and people at war. This is no exception!

Barb 6 hours ago 7 997

This highlights a critical question when it comes to Muslims that have immigrated to England, France, the USA of anywhere else, and that is their responsibility to the country where they call home. Undoubtedly, "Jihadi John's" identity was known to family and friends back in the UK for quite some time. Did anyone go to authorities and offer information? Maybe they did, and that's how he was eventually identified. But thousand of Muslims that have left Europe to join these radical groups, and even worse, likely thousands have turned radical and are still in their new host countries and pose a significant domestic threat. Muslims family and fiends of radicalized people need stand up for their country, which they have a responsibility to do. This applies to anyone that suspects that someone may do harm to others, not just Muslim radicals, but they have clearly present a legitimate worldwide concern.

Which got this reply:

Camilla 3 hours ago 7 23

Well, to answer someone´s questions about why didn´t his family help the police figuring out who he was. They did. It says in the article that "by the help of family members" they could identify him. There is something not right with that religion that can wind up so many extremists, violent and twisted minds. Christianity and Buddhism may have managed to turn one or two wackos, but islam seems to be a shoe in to violence. Alternatively, this is what happens when hundreds of generations marry their cousins. A full-blown, live experiment of human inbreeding.

...and this comment of nothing but naked rage!

A Yahoo! user 4 hours ago 3 241

Radical islam fanatics never torture their captives. They only behead, shoot, burn with fire and acid, crucify infidels, muslims not observing Shar'ia law, and kill anyone they capture. Only Genhgis Khan and Hitler are worse offenders than these ISIS members. Neither were terrorists but both were genocidal maniacs. All assets should be seized from the family since they enable their son to go to Syria, they were enablers. A photo of Emwazi would have been nice since they have a picture of him when he was detained.

That's enough bile for one day. Let us hope they can get this killer so we can calm down.