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Jerome Dodson Added to 9 Recent Investments in 2nd Quarter

Jerome Dodson (Trades, Portfolio) of Parnassus Fund added to nine positions in the second quarter that were not in his portfolio a year ago.

His largest addition was to Allergan PLC (AGN), a pharmaceutical company with offices in Dublin and New Jersey. Dodson bought 62,000 shares for an average price of $231.14 per share. Dodson raised his position in Allergan by 155% with an impact of 2.1% to his portfolio. He initiated his position in Allergan in the first quarter.

The position, now 102,000 shares, is 0.03% of Allergan's outstanding shares and 3.45% of Dodson's total assets. Vanguard Health Care Fund (Trades, Portfolio) is Allergan's leading shareholder among the gurus with 11,187,547 shares. The stake is 2.83% of Allergan's outstanding shares and 6.62% of Vanguard's total assets.

Allergan has a P/E of 23.8, a forward P/E of 17.6, a P/B of 1.4 and a P/S of 5.5. GuruFocus gives Allergan a Financial Strength rating of 4/10 and a Profitability and Growth rating of 7/10 with ROE of 5.87% that is lower than 54% of the...