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STABYLIZR Transforms Your GoPro Into the Ultimate Steadycam

As far as GoPro accessories go, the tiny cameras surprisingly lack good mechanical gimbal options — users can find tons of battery-powered offerings, but very few of the less expensive, battery-free variety. Thankfully the STABYLIZR is looking to change all that. Currently in the midst of getting funded on Kickstarter, the tiny gimbal turns your GoPro into the ultimate steadycam, employing PAGF (polyamide reinforced with glass fiber) construction for a dual-axis design that’s lightweight (it weighs just over half a pound), robust and entirely waterproof. The design team has even created an additional grip for the gimbal that packs a power bar right in the handle so you can charge your camera while on the go.

Best of all? The STABYLIZR has already reached its $34,401 USD funding goal and will be delivered to backers before the end of the month.