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Developing your own website can sound like an impossible task to execute, especially when you're not good at anything that has to do with computers and technology. You might be clueless like me when it comes to such matters but don't let it stop you finding simple ways to build/develop your own website. There are many tutorials that you can find online (including step by step video tutorials) to learn simpler ways to put your Wordpress web together without pulling your hair out. 

You will need to be patient with the whole process to begin with: it will require a lot of research to sort out the options that fit you best; for example, since I'm a visual learner, I learn faster watching step by step video tutorials. It's important to know what kind of a learner you are to approach the right type of research. Here are the basics of Wordpress web development: 

1) PICK A DOMAIN NAME: this will be the name of your web, for example, if you are into baking and your name is Mary, your domain name can be: www.MarysCakes.com. The shorter it is, the better. It's also advised to pick ".com or .net " so that people can find your web easier. There are different companies that sell domain names, so you can search the web to find out which are the best.

2) PICK A WEB HOSTING PACKAGE: Your new website will need a company to host it so that Internet users can have access to it. A company named ' Bluehost ' is often recommended when it comes to their web hosting services; they have different packages you can pick from. The better your web hosting provider is, the more accessible to people your web will be.

3) NOW YOU CAN INSTALL WORDPRESS: Once you've gotten your DOMAIN NAME and purchased a WEB HOSTING package from a company that provides such services, you can now follow the steps required to INSTALL WORDPRESS (see links attached for step by step tutorial).

4) PROTECT YOUR WEB WITH MALWARE PROGRAMS: you will need to keep your website safe from hackers and viruses, just the way you do for your pc.

5) ADD YOUR UNIQUE DESIGNS AND CONTENT TO YOUR WEBSITE: now you can start picking images (like when you choose wallpaper pics to costumize your phone) and add content to your web (write everything you want people to know about your web such as the services that you are offering and why they should come to you to get them).

If you take your time to investigate, you will slowly figure out how to properly set up your website and learn about the new things that need to be added to it as you go. Below are two links you can use as examples for your research. Good luck!