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China A Serious Threat, 33% Americans Agree

Even as the Obama administration welcomes Chinese President Xi Jinping to the United States, the debate regarding China and America’s strained relationship continues to wage on. A recent study indicates that even as the two governments may look to improve diplomatic and trade ties, there is a severe lack of trust between the citizens of the two countries.

United States China Operation Fox Hunt

Americans Consider China A "Very Serious Threat"

A recent survey has established that as much as thirty-three per cent of the American population believes China to be a “very serious threat” to their country. It has long been established that the United States and China do not see eye-to-eye on political, economic and security matters and the diplomatic ties between the two countries have been especially strained off late. The poll establishes that a third of the American people consider China to be a danger to the American nation and way of life.

Poll Reveals Worsening US-China Relationship

The poll has shed light on the fact that China and the United States, though never completely at ease concerning one another, are headed on a downward spiral as far as public impressions are concerned.

As per the study, the number of American people who look at China as a cause for worry has risen in recent months. A survey conducted in April 2015 pegged the number at 18 per cent, which indicates that public impressions have worsened by 15 per cent as per the most recent figures. The survey conducted in April 2015 showed that as many as 36 per cent of the people interviewed considered China to be a “moderately serious threat” to the United States; this demographic has jumped by 4% and as many as 40% of the people now believe the same to be true.

The information comes from a survey conducted by CNN/ ORC International and maps the changing face of Sino-US ties. Organized from September 04-08 this year, the telephonic survey involved 1,012 American adults.

Cybersecurity Concerns Damage American Opinion Of China

The rise in American suspicion and apprehension vis-à-vis China can be contributed, in large part, to the recent cyber attack against the United States. The hack has resulted in the theft of personal information pertaining to millions of people working and living in the US. The cyber attack is widely assumed to have been carried out by hackers from China, and has proved to be something of a tipping point in the Sino-US relationship.

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