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Which Way is the Wind Blowing For RAI After Its Big Sale?

I am not a smoker. Never have been, never will be. The idea of inhaling a substance known to cause cancer that doesn't even alter your consciousness does not hold appeal. No thanks. If I'm going to smoke something, I want it to blast me into the center of the universe. I want to experience the fourth dimension and consider the existence of all life. Ain't gonna get that with a cig.

But, not all people feel that way, which is why Japan Tabacco Inc (TYO: 2914) just bought the rights to the American Spirit brand for sale overseas from Reynolds American (NYSE: RAI) for a cool 5 billion dollars. Japan Tobacco Inc is making a big bet that this rebranding will boost sales, and RAI must have lost faith in their ability to pursue ventures outside the states. RAI stock fell after the sale was announced and has now bounced back a bit, but their future remains uncertain.