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Morpholio Releases 'Journal' Digital Sketchbook App

Is this the future of sketching?

Despite a myriad technological innovations, the pen and pad still seems the unwavering choice of designers, writers and artists of all mediums. The combination forms the grounds for creativity, the most raw and direct way of building reality from reverie. Morpholio may have just found a way to revolutionize the sketchbook for the modern age, having released its new Journal app to the market recently. The app uses a realistic interface to mimic and expand upon the existing paradigm; Journal allows users to scan and sketch over whatever images they find; swipe through the files they’ve organized; play with an amply sized set of brushes, pens, pencils and palettes; and collage their thoughts. Essentially, Journal represents a user-friendly, mobile platform that streamlines the creative process. Head to the App Store to download the app and get started, and learn more about Morpholio here.

Author: Josh Davis