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As you all know, we live in an age of abundance when it comes to corrupt human garbage sitting in highly visible positions of public trust. I constantly lampoon as many as possible, but it is an unending task and there is a great deal of negativity that goes along with it.

That is why I feel it is imperative for me to pay tribute to a well known public figure who lived his life as a decent human being. One to point to without reservation when your children ask who are the people I should consider emulating.

Mr Spock, also known as Leonard Nemoy, was one such person. As an artist, he was serious, entertaining, successful, loved by many yet willing to poke fun at himself.

I grew up with the first season of Star Trek and like everyone who did the same, loved watching Mr. Spock's antics vis-a-vis Captain Kirk and the rest of the Star Trek crew/cast. What is unusual about that show is I was able carry many simple lessons learned into adulthood.

Try replicating that in today's morass of reality TV and primetime nonsense. 

One such lesson was to endeavor to be open minded and not to resist cultural difference.

But Mr Spock's constant struggle to reach a state of oneness betwixt his human (emotional) and Vulcan (logical) selves is something that for me will prove to be timeless. 

 Wherever you are Mr Spock, live long and prosper... 

The secret of a long, healthy career in the arts is the successful walk on the razor’s edge.--Leonard Nemoy