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New Survey Reveals True Impact of Severe Asthma on People's Lives

PARIS, September 28, 2015 /PRNewswire/ --

Work, social and family life all affected by severe asthma, many people report feelings of anxiety, depression and isolation as well

Boston Scientific today revealed results of a comprehensive survey which shows the true burden of severe asthma and the daily challenges faced by people with asthma in Europe. Uncovering Asthma, a survey of over 850 people with severe asthma from across Europe, has found that severe asthma affects a quarter of the respondents on a daily basis, with a staggering 71% feeling the negative effects weekly. While the respondents identified their social life (32%) as the aspect which is most affected by their asthma, many also mention their working life (23%), family life (18%) and their sex life (17%) as being affected too[1]. Leading asthma experts are now calling for urgent action on how people living with severe asthma are cared for across Europe.

The survey calls for people with severe asthma to reappraise the impact their condition is having on their lives, as well as discussing with their healthcare professional how to better manage it. Severe asthma affects approximately 1.5 million people in Europe[2], with some estimates suggesting nearly a fifth of people with asthma could be living with the severe form of the condition.[3]

Amongst those surveyed who are working or studying, nearly half (46%) admitted to having to reduce their hours or take additional days off as a result of their condition, whilst a quarter believe having severe asthma has negatively affected their careers, for example by having to change their role or even leave a job[1].

"When I was at primary school, I would be in hospital around six times a year due to severe asthma attacks," said Reah Yarworth, aged 24, from the UK, "It had a serious effect on my studies and was really worrying for my family. When I was at school, I struggled to join in any physical education classes because of my asthma; I wanted to take part and play with the other children in my class, but it was not possible. I continued to struggle as I grew up, being unable to join friends on holiday or go to the gym like other people my age."

People with severe asthma are also often prevented from undertaking the daily activities we take for granted, such as simple household chores, gardening or seeing family and friends. The survey found nearly a quarter of the respondents have been prevented from seeing friends and family due to asthma symptoms[1]. The respondents also report their sex lives are restricted by asthma symptoms, with a quarter saying asthma...