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Why Tesla Gives 200K Salaries to Workers Without High School Diplomas

Tesla is upending the auto industry in just about every way you can imagine. They’ve got every other company scrambling to make electric vehicles. I’d like to think their success was due to the availability of a sweet Tesla Roadster in the video game GTA IV (NASDAQ: TTWO.) There was no feeling quite like throwing an innocent civilian out of a Tesla and then speeding off to go shoot a rocket launcher at the police station. (I wasn’t very good at GTA IV.)

While it is fun to attribute the auto company's success to a video game, it is more likely that they are taking over because of brilliant leadership and clever management techniques. Their CEO, Elon Musk, does not give a single fu*k about how the other car makers operate their businesses. He actively tries to do things differently than GM (NYSE: GM) and Ford (NYSE: F). He in-sourced all his IT, for one thing, which gives him the ability to make decisions quicker than all of his competitors. 

Another way that Elon distinguishes himself is that he only cares about one thing when it comes to the hiring process: that you be a nerd from the bay area who worships an Elon Musk shrine at night. I kid. While I’m sure the shrine thing would help, what he really cares about is that you have good problem solving skills. He even goes so far as to say that he doesn’t care if his employees have graduated from high school. If you can solve complex problems, you’re in. 

That's a crazy thing to say. Companies like Google (NASDAQ: GOOG) have been paying lip service to being more focused on their candidates skills than whether they graduated college. That is nothing new. But taking on employees who haven’t graduated high school? That is next level. 

But, these high school drop out hires didn’t leave school to join the family farm. I’m sure they were prodigies who were coding since the womb. And is there really anything you can’t learn online? MIT offers their whole computer science course free on the internet. There's also Khan Academy, a site where you can learn pretty much anything you want for free. (You can also do super interesting brain teasers on the site. A “friend” told me that they are quite mind blowing and enjoyable to try to solve when you are a little high.) 

No matter what you think about his hiring tactics, you’ve got to respect Elon Musk for operating on the razor's edge. If he wants to hire kids as engineers for upwards of two hundred thousand dollars a year, who are we to care? Going through puberty shouldn't be a requirement to get a job. Look at those 13 year old, pro female tennis players. If these baby employees can make an algorithm that speeds up Tesla's production line, that's all that matters. 

I say long live the free market. Keep the fridges stocked with juice boxes and keep those amazing cars coming, Mr. Musk.