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America has Comcast as its evil cable company, and Britain has Sky; “I moved to Florida and Sky still wouldn’t let me cancel”

For some odd reason I thought that Sky was the name of the media company Elliot Carver headed in Tomorrow Never Dies, but that was the Carver Media Group Network according to Wikipedia. Reading this and the other articles on Sky however, I’m still not entirely convinced they aren’t the same. The Carver character was basically Rupert Murdoch with a fresh coat of paint, and Murdoch owns Sky (and a fat chunk of the rest of British media), so they kind of are the same.

“This is formal notice of cancellation of services from that date. All payment arrangements from that date will be cancelled and I would ask that you adjust the account at that date accordingly.”

“I later discovered this to be a bogus reason for delaying or invalidating the cancellation,” Mr Snoxell said. “They had ignored my original letter that mail should be directed to the new address and I therefore only became aware of these letters in January 2015, something which again I consider to be a deliberate tactic to avoid the cancellation instruction.”

“I assume this is what Sky believe I owe them for the use of a service which is impossible to provide, the cancellation of which they had been informed of in writing twice, originally three months in advance of the cancellation date,” Mr Snoxell said.

“I regard this as a simple attempted fraud; to facilitate the fraud they have deliberately ignored the contents of the letters and continued to send correspondence to the vacated address, a tactic designed to delay and confuse the resolution of the matter.” Sky said that if a customer writes to cancel their account, it needs to speak to them to “verify their request”. A spokesman said: “After receiving Mr Snoxell’s letter we called him four times and sent four letters to explain the situation.”

When you sign a demonic contract, it might take killing the demon to get out of it.

Reminds me of when I tried to cancel my cell phone service with AT&T:

Me: “I’m moving to South Africa.”

AT&T: “Let me check something…. We have service in South Africa, so you can’t cancel.”

Me: “Do you have stores there, to pay my bill in person?”

AT&T: “No.”

Me: “Do you have a service center there to help me if my phone breaks or has trouble?”

AT&T: “No.”

Me: “Then you do not in fact have service there. Please chance my contract on (day I leave the country).”

AT&T: “………………. Let me get someone who can do that.”