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The Greeks Have A Simple Message To Europe

Sunday's Greek vote for anti-austerity left-wing Syriza shows the people's eagerness to stop the current bailout scheme and renegotiate a deal that's more favorable for the Greek economy. In the next several days and weeks, we'll learn a lot more about the implication of the vote, and what new leader Alexis Tsipras is capable of accomplishing; but as  Bloomberg Businessweek reports, perhaps this banner displayed produly at last night's victory rally says it all...



The sign is directed at the so-called "Troika," the outside group made up of representatives form the EU, the ECB, and the IMF.

 This group regularly comes to Greece to make sure the country is living up to its agreements as part of the bailout. In his victory speech, Tsipras declared the end of the Troika era, and clearly his supporters are hoping that that statement proves correct.

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