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LinkedIn Stock Price To Grow Another 5% In One Week
6 february 2015


Soaring over the peaks: LinkedIn stock in flight. (IMAGE: rccgjeusriegns)  

Fascinating movement in the world of online stocks today--the whole week, really. LinkedIn stock is surging to record highs--up just shy of 14% today at the time of this writing. The company has posted earnings that has exceeded estimates for the 15th straight quarter. That's fantastic performance and has onboard folks naturally extremely excited about their LinkedIn rich portfolios. 

LinkedIn's core talent wing of the business grew 40%, but their ad sales operation has whopping growth exceeding that. In total the company reported $643 million in revenue for the Q4, this versus estimates of $617 mil. That is rather sweet indeed.

Where the stock is headed in terms of price versus its soaring flight today cannot be stated with certainty. But I would wager that smarter minds are in this one for the long term to reap some pretty sweet fruit.

Let's see what you've got there, WhoTrades Fortune Tellers. Let's see your forecast chops.

5% more growth versus today's closing in one week? 

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LinkedIn Stock Price To Grow Another 5% In One Week

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