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McDonalds New Mighty Wings

McDonald's Corp (NYSE: MCD) first started of with hamburgers and became famous, the company slowly started add more products like, coffee, breakfast, ice creams and now they are adding chicken wings. McDonald's is to introduce their Mighty Wings nationally on September 24, the wings were tested at 280 locations in Atlanta and were a success. When it come to wings I prefer Buffalo Wild Wings Inc (NASDAQ: BWLD), but as you can see in the picture above they do look tempting. Not sure if this is a challenge for competitors like Popeyes, Buffalo Wild Wings and Yum! Brands Inc's (NYSE: YUM) KFC. McDonald's is the biggest distributor of fast food in the U.S. and has more location's then any other brand. So when consumers want cheap wings quick McDonald's might be the answer, for quality I would advise Buffalo Wild Wings. The Mighty Wings are selling in packages of 3, 5 and 10 and come with a choice of 9 sauces, the starting price of $2.99.