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Oil And Gas Stocks - Did We Just Pass The Inflection Point?

IMPORTANT NOTE: This article is not an investment recommendation or research report. It is not to be relied upon when making investment decisions - investors should conduct their own comprehensive research. Please read the Disclaimer at the end of this article.

Oil & Gas stocks also posted strong gains during the past month, extending the trend that I highlighted in my January 8 note ("Oil & Gas Stocks: Have You Noticed A Performance Improvement? May Be Worth Paying Attention," Seeking Alpha). It is important to note that the recovery in stock prices preceded the bounce in the price of oil by more than a month, which indicates that investors are "looking through" the current extreme weakness in commodity prices and are factoring in much higher long-term price decks into stock valuations, just as one might expect.(Source: Zeits Energy Analytics, January 2015) "Three-Bagger" Opportunities All…