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American Capital Agency's (AGNC) Management at Barclays Global Financial Services Brokers Conference (Transcript)

Mark DeVries - Barclays

Okay. Good morning. Thank you for joining us. Very pleased to have the next speaker Gary Kain, President and CIO of American Capital Agency. Keep my comments very short, but Gary has been running the company for a very long time. I think they have got a great track record of generating significant alpha in a space that has seen a tremendous amount of volatility.

So with that, I will hand it off to Gary. Look forward to your comments.

Gary Kain - President, CIO

Thanks Mark. And thanks everyone for your interest in AGNC. We appreciate the opportunity to present here at the conference in New York. It's interesting that we are give or take 24 hours away from a Fed announcement on interest rates that's more interesting than most of these kind of Fed meetings typically have been -- there is uncertainty as to whether or not we could get our first rate hike in almost 10 years tomorrow. I personally don't think we will and I think that's reinforced by the inflation numbers that we got this morning.

That being said, I wish they would just raise rates because and people have said this, but the reality is that there is way too much focus on the first rate...">More