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Buy BlackBerry (BBRY) At Below $10

BlackBerry's stock is under $10:

$BBRY, BlackBerry Limited / H1

The latest quarterly report showed weakness in software sales but CEO John Chen is pivoting the company. Slowly but surely, the $10 stock price creates an entry point for BBRY.

Come on, BBRY, advertise KEYone more. TCL is not doing enough to push sales of this device, which has a great battery life, keyboard:

CEO John Chen:

  • took the company from losing money to becoming profitable
  • grew cash reserve to nearly $2 billion in cash
  • pivoted the business from smart phone manufacturing to software sales for smartphones, IoT, MDM, ADAS
  • Growing sales for security software solutions in ADAS, IoT, secure communications.

BBRY is not a short and the 8.15% short float could lead to losses for bears.

The upside/downside in BBRY stock favors bulls.

Related: AAPL reports results on Aug 1. Nokia reported a $2B cash infusion from Apple (litigation settlement) in the quarter.


Nokia has more upside after the stock jumped from $6.15 to $6.40.