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MasterCard: tough competition in the sector

MasterCard is a $110B company with more than $9.5B in revenue and 57% EBITDA margin. The stock price grew up more than 10% over the last year and more than 300% over the last five years. It could be a good investment in 2010, but does the stock have upside potential right now? 

When we talk about the payment processing companies, we should always take into consideration all the players in this field. I think that this market is going to be very tough in close future. As soon as we have PayPal with lots of technologies and subsidiaries, Apple with its new p2p money transfers and ApplePay, FaceBook with its money transfers through the messenger and so on.

Moreover, as soon as such huge companies as FaceBook and Apple go to the processing market, MasterCard's stock has a lot of risks. If we check the financials of the company, we can find the following interesting points:

  • revenue from transaction processing fees grew up 8% for nine months of 2015, which is quite significant in terms of this competition;
  • revenue from cross-border transaction is also growing, +4% for the same period. However, I reviewed the XooM - PayPal's cross-border money transfer company, and it is rapidly growing;
  • the company reduced its marketing and sales expenses by 4% for nine months of 2015, which is really good step for marginality development;
  • company's dividend yield is around 0.7%, which is not so high, but still could be very attractive.

From one point of view, all the market development can cost the company several billions in market cap, From another point of view, even the huge growth of such companies as Ezetap and Square (which is going to announce its IPO price tomorrow) can have a positive impact on MasterCard operations. Ezetap, Square and other companies provides an easy access to the payments and money transfers, but they actually accept and use the MasterCard technologies. 

Current market situation is very difficult especially for the long-term investors. What do you think about MasterCard stock? Will it continue its growth over the next several years?