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$MSFT Topping Tail Friday Spells End Of Bull Market

The biggest bull markets end in euphoria, the scariest bear markets end in all-out panic. We saw the panic side in March 2009 and we saw the euphoria reach a climax this past Friday when Amazon (AMZN), Alphabet (GOOGL), Intel (INTC) and Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MSFT) surged on earnings. While the search was something most investors had never seen before, Microsoft Corp and Alphabet put in major bearish topping tails that signal a likely end to the bull market run. Most investors will call me crazy, actually, most will call me far worse names but the charts tell the truth and Microsoft Corp put in a topping tail for the ages. This is now done. It should not take out the high from Friday $86.20 and should continue lower for at least a year. First support will be $77.85, but further downside will likely yield a move far lower. Bookmark this post and look back on it in 6 months or a year. Happy trading!


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