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Arena Scripts Grow, But Pace Is Slower Than Needed

Arena Pharmaceuticals (ARNA) saw scripts grow this week, but the pace remains too slow to deliver the type of revenue needed to impress the street. As is often the case, the script story with Belviq is a mixed bag. Those that want to rely on wishful thinking and hope will point to increased market share, and the fact that Belviq sales were up, while Qsymia from Vivus (VVUS) and Contrave from Orexigen (OREX) were down. The reality is that this weeks script numbers are indeed a mixed bag, and savvy investors look at the whole picture.

On the positive side we have market share, and performance against competitors. On the negative side we have growth that is slower than needed to offset the revenue lost to a lower price point and the fact that refills are moving into negative territory instead of positive. Simply stated, Belviq is doing just enough… Read More …