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No Rest for New McDonald's CEO

Things aren’t looking up for new McDonald’s (NYSE: MCD) CEO Steve Easterbrook. According to Bloomberg, the fast food chain is in its ninth month of declining sales, with 4 percent sales decline visible in the United States.

Analysts feel McDonald’s may be losing its customer base to other fast-casual chains like Chipotle and Shake Shack, offering customers more sustainably sourced menu options. Last week, the chain announced plans to only serve chicken that has not been treated with antibiotics, according to Bloomberg.

Consumer needs and preferences have changed,” the company said in a statement. “McDonald’s current performance reflects the urgent need to evolve with today’s consumers, reset strategic priorities and restore business momentum.”

USA Today commenter Joe Lent said:

“Easterbrook will never fix McDonald’s until he fixes their French Fries. After another month of eating out, my daughter and I still conclude that McDonald’s and Wendy’s have the worst FF in Fort Collins. Burger King and Culver’s have the best. I expect some gourmet burger places have good fries but we never eat at those expensive joints.”

USA Today commenter Chris White said:

“His number one job should be to improve quality. I would rather lick the parking lot than eat their food. I haven't eaten there voluntarily for a VERY long time.”