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What Nations Fear

According to a new Pew survey, the concerns that threaten Americans' and Europeans' sense of global security are financial.

In a study that seeks out 'the greatest threat to the world' amongst the peoples of different regions, the U.S. Europe were both concerned with socioeconomic inequality. Asia's primary is concern is pollution, understandably considering that the world's most polluted nations are Asiatic and African.

Africans themselves have more immediate concerns, namely diseases like AIDS that continue to ravage the continent. The Middle East primarily fears religious and ethnic hatred, hardly surprising with ISIS on the rise, Syria in turmoil, Afghanistan's future unsure as U.S. troops prepare to withdraw, and the Israeli-Palestinian conflict at a corrosive, increasingly bloody standoff.

The most surprising regional fear? More than economics, the environment, or any other issue, Latin Americans are concerned with... nuclear weapons.