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After a Sell Off Yesterday – Market Opens Morning Lower

What little hope Monday’s “up” day gave to the life of this rally has faded after yesterday’s sell off and now an opening lower for Wednesday.

Add to that – the institutional players continue selling, and we always want to be in-step with these market movers.

Between companies making earnings announcements, coupled with the weakening and some volatility in the general market, our stocks continue to get shaken up.

Here is a morning run-down of our TrendLine SetUps Portfolio:

Our RTEC (P/L: +4.1%) made decent gains yesterday, however the advance came as the company announced earrings.

Stocks which are holding up near highs: DHR (P/L: +1.0%), SINA (P/L:-1.8%), LYTS (P/L: +3.1%), SONC (P/L: +1.6%), WTS (P/L: +3.42%),DW (P/L: +4.8%), ERI (P/L: +27.8%), UNH (P/L: +10.4%), VLRS (P/L:+22.1%).

Then we have ORA (P/L: +16.6%), AHS (P/L: +16.4%) are starting to pull back from their highs.

Selections which are at or nearing support include: RTN (P/L: -2.7%),TMUS (P/L: -1.8%), LKQ (P/L: +1.5%), OLED (P/L: +5.6%), PLAY (P/L:-0.2%), XRAY (P/L: +1.0%), SEP (P/L: +1.8%), ORIT (P/L: +2.3%),HII (P/L: +13.4%), OSUR (P/L: +6.9%), DOC (P/L: +7.3%)

This is while CYNO (P/L: +4.5%) is showing continued weakness.

Earnings continue to be a factor as COTY (P/L: -4.6%) and INCR (P/L:-0.5%) sold off while announcing. The later also had a downgrade.

MXL (P/L: +7.4%) sits just under its 50 DMA.

EXLS (P/L: +3.7%) triggered a sell signal on Monday.

Regardless, here is a one stock from my TrendLine SetUps WatchList, which am I monitoring for a buyable breakout.