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Voss Capital Taking On Blucora Inc (BCOR)

Voss Capital Taking On Blucora Inc (BCOR) by Stock Pucker

Don't forget - sign up for our free daily newsletter to stay in the activist investing know. Voss Capital, the Texas-based hedge fund, is punching above its weight class, taking on the $543 market capped Blucora. Voss, running a sub $100 million AUM fund, is looking to inspire the company and fellow shareholders to split up the internet company - effectively selling the declining search provider (Infospace) and electronics retailer (Monoprice), and turning the focus to the growing tax business that is TaxAct.

Being catalyst-driven, Voss is staying in its wheelhouse with Blucora, finding a small-cap stock driven by recurring revenues.

Something we’ve talked about, including in this weekend’s Activist Strategy email, is getting things done with a small stake. Part of this is about knowing the...