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Intel's SoFIA - Can It Bring Success In Phones?

When judging a company's management, it's very easy to view a team favorably if the company is doing well, and poorly if the company is not. This simplistic view often misses the point, as the proper way is to judge it based on what they started with, and whether they exploited that effectively. By the first measure, Intel (INTC) has been run well for quite some time. When using the latter measurement, Intel's management has door very poorly, and has rode inertia, while missing opportunities that should have the company over twice the size it is now. To put it in perspective, Intel generated $33.7 billion in 2000, adjusted to $46.33 with inflation, compared to $56 billion in 2014. This despite enormous growth in devices that use microprocessors, and being the primary microprocessor maker in the world, with the best facilities to build them. It's notable that Intel missed every… Read More …