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Boeing's 787 Dreamliner Loses Body Panel During Flight

As Air India's Boeing 787 Dreamliner came to land last weekend, a body panel came off.  Doesn't this sound familiar, Dreamliners always having issues!  What's worse is that the pilot had no idea the panel came off until the plane actually landed, thankfully no one was hurt.  Afterwards, the panel was sent for inspection and Boeing is still trying to figure out what went wrong.  As the panel was replaced with one from another Dreamliner, Air India's spokesman reassured the public that there is absolutely no safety issues regarding this incident.  

If you guys remember, the Boeing's 787 has been hit with problems including battery overheating which caused the entire fleet to be grounded for a period of time before resuming business.  But guess what, just like the last times, Boeing's stock is still as high as ever, unaffected by any incident.  I am quite surprised, as I'd expect their share price to drop considerably at the slightest notion that their machine may be unreliable or unsafe.  What do y'all think?