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Actionable news in ARII: American Railcar Industries, Inc.,

Strong gains for the railroad sector

ARII is up 42% over the last 5 days.
TRN is up 20%
The legal suit against Trinity is a shame on the American Justice system.Plaintiff named Josh Harman was building his own version of the ET Plus guardrails illegally, and when he was caught cheating Trinity out of money a judge made Harman remove over 248 ET Pluses (in Virginia mostly) that he had installed (unlawfully - in violation of TRN/TTI patent). That makes him a crook in my book.Senator Richard Blumenthal is so unknowledgeable about the purpose and function of guardrails as safety devices he sides with the crook and orders a Justice Department investigation of Trinity for bribing FHWA officials (and visa versa), etc., etc.Hope...