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Google Unveils the Easy-to-Use OnHub Wi-Fi Router

Google is looking to solve your Wi-Fi problems with its own easy-to-use router.

Few things are less intuitive in the world of consumer technology than the workings of your at-home Wi-Fi router. It seems like half the time, when you sit down to stream a movie or upload some photos, your internet connection slows to a crawl before it stops working altogether. Then, when attempting to reconnect, you have to unplug and replug tangled cords, attempt to decipher blinking lights or even contemplate that dreaded — and typically less than helpful — call to customer support. Google is looking to put an end to all of that frustration with the introduction of its very own easy-to-use Wi-Fi router.

Created in partnership with TP-LINK, Google’s upcoming OnHub promises fast, secure connections and an easy-to-use interface. Designed to be kept out in the open — and not over in the dusty corner, out of sight where your current router isn’t exactly working well — OnHub replaces cords and blinking lights with internal antennas and subtle, more useful lighting. Upon setup, the router will search the airwaves and automatically select the best channel for the fastest connection while smart software will continue working in the background to constantly adjust OnHub to avoid interference and keep your network performance at its peak. OnHub even allows users to prioritize a particular device so that your most important activities get the fastest speed. The router will also automatically update with new features and the latest security updates without interrupting your connection and promises support for future at-home smart devices via Bluetooth Smart Ready, Weave and 802.15.4.

Best of all? OnHub is operated via the Google On app — available for both Android and iOS — where users can also get a quick rundown of their bandwidth, run network checks and troubleshoot. The app will even let you text or email your Wi-Fi password to your guests so you no longer have to look for last passwords and misplaced sticky notes.

OnHub can be pre-ordered now for $200 USD and will be available at retail locations across the United States and Canada in the coming weeks.

Author:T.S. Fox