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TrovaGene: November 2015 Better Cancer Monitoring With Cell-Free Dna

The following excerpt is from the company's SEC filing.

Forward-Looking Statements Statements in this presentation about the Company's expectations, applications of its technology, markets, launch of tests and other statements that are not historical facts are forward-looking statements within the meaning of Section 27A of the Securities Act of 1933 and Section 21E of the Securities Exchange Act of 1934 and are based on management's current beliefs, assumptions, estimates and projections. Actual results may differ materially from those projected in the forward-looking statements for various reasons, including risks associated with product and test dev elopment, test transfer to contracting labs, government regulation, market acceptance, limited commercial experience, dependence on key personnel, obtaining financing and other factors discussed in the Company's periodic reports filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission. 2 Copyright ©2015 Trovagene, Inc. Confidential

3 Our Goal Improve Treatment Outcomes with Noninvasive Cancer Monitoring Trovagenes technology noninvasively detects and quantitates circulating tumor DNA in urine and plasma for improved disease management

Copyright ©2015 Trovagene, Inc. Confidential 4 Clinical collaborations with leading cancer centers and pharmaceutical partners CLIA certified, CAP accredited, high complexity lab to offer diagnostic services Trovagenes noninvasive liquid biopsy assays are used to detect and monitor oncogene mutation status, response to therapy, disease progression, minimal residual disease and recurrence Proprietary methods of extracting, purifying, detecting and quantifying oncogene mutations in cell-free DNA NASDAQ: TROV Founded in 1999 NASDAQ listing in 2012 Technology feasibility established 2013 Clinical feasibility established 2014 Marketing launch initiated 2015 Cash: $74M as of Sept 30, 2015 Company Overview

Matt Posard Chief Commercial Officer Karsten Schmidt, PhD Senior VP, Technology Operations Illumina Inc., Biosite Dx, Gen-Probe BA Quantitative Economics and Decision Sciences, UCSD Sequenom, Inc., Sanofi-Aventis Deutschland GmbH (formerly: Rhône-Poulenc Rorer), Fisons plc PhD The University of Bonn Experienced Leadership Team Copyright ©2015 Trovagene, Inc. Confidential 5 Antonius Schuh, PhD Chief Executive Officer Stephen Zaniboni Chief Financial Officer Mark Erlander, PhD Chief Scientific Officer Sorrento Therapeutics, AviaraDx, Arcturus, Sequenom PhD Pharmaceutical Chemistry, University of Bonn Awarepoint, XIFIN, Sorrento Therapeutics, AviaraDx, Arcturus, Sequenom CPA, BS Accounting Boston University, MBA Boston College BioTheranostics, AviaraDx, Arcturus, J&J, Scripps Research Institute BS UCDavis, MS Biochemstry Iowa State University, PhD Neuroscience UCLA

Strong Scientific Advisory Board and Board of Directors Copyright ©2015 Trovagene, Inc. Confidential 6 Alberto Bardelli, PhD Department of Oncology, Torino Medical School, Institute for Cancer Research Paul Billings, MD, PhD Chief Medical Officer, Omica Scientific Advisors Charles Cantor, PhD Founder and Retired Chief Scientific Officer Sequenom Carlo M. Croce, MD Chairman, Department of Molecular Virology, Immunology and Medical Genetics at Ohio State University, and Director of the Institute of Genetics at the Ohio State University Comprehensive Cancer Center Riccardo Dalla-Favera, MD Director, Institute for Cancer Genetics and Herbert Irving Comprehensive Cancer Center, Columbia University Brunangelo Falini, MD Director, Institute Hematology, University of Perugia Peter Hirth, PhD Co-founder and Retired Chief Executive Officer of Plexxikon Thomas Adams, PhD Chairman Paul R. Billings, MD, PhD Director, Member Executive Compensation and Nominating Committees John P. Brancaccio, CPA Director, Chair Audit Committee Carl Feldbaum Director, Chair Nominating Committee Gary Jacob, PhD Director, Member Executive Compensation Committee Rodney S. Markin, MD, PhD Director, Member Executive Compensation, Nominating and Audit Committees Antonius Schuh, PhD Director, Chief Executive Officer Stanley Tennant, MD Director, Chair Executive Compensation Committee and Member Audit Committee Board of Directors

Significant Market Opportunity Physicians lack tools to effectively monitor and react to changes in cancer over time Copyright ©2015 Trovagene, Inc. Confidential 7 Source: 2010 BCC Research Trovagene PCM delivers critical information to detect and measure actionable cancer mutations over time Insufficient Imaging Tools in Oncology Still Yield Huge Market Opportunity for Trovagene to Capture Liquid Biopsy Market Share $15B 2015 est. Cancer already in advanced state No molecular data delivered Source: 2015 Liquid Biopsy Report Recurrence Monitoring Treatment Monitoring Therapy Selection Liquid Biopsy Market $13.6B

Detection Minimal Residual Disease (MRD) Quantitate Drug Response Monitoring New Standard of Care Enabled by Trovagene Technology Copyright ©2015 Trovagene, Inc. Confidential 8 Biopsy Surgery Treatment Treatment Biopsy PROCEDURE IMAGING Every 6-8 weeks Every 6-8 weeks Trovagene platform allows physicians to make clinically actionable decisions in near real-time Monitoring for minimal residual disease and tumor recurrence Earlier detection of metastatic disease Detection of clinically actionable mutations Alternative to tissue biopsy Assists in identifying most effective treatment Eliminates risk of adverse events associated with tissue biopsy procedure Assess tumor cell kill by therapy and monitor tumor mutation burden Immediate assessment of therapy effect Switch from ineffective therapy weeks in advance of imaging Monitoring for disease progression and emergence of resistance Anticipates and enables next therapy to target tumor resistance PCM CLINICAL UTILITY

Tumor cells Blood Urine Advantages of Circulating Tumor DNA (ctDNA) 9 Copyright ©2015 Trovagene, Inc. Confidential Apoptosis or necrosis occurs, ctDNA is released ctDNA enters blood stream and kidneys High-depth systemic understanding of tumor dynamics Delivers clinically actionable data in real time Provides diagnostic and prognostic information before, during treatment and at disease progression Captures intra- and inter-tumor heterogeneity

Trovagene Precision Cancer Monitoring (PCM ) Platform 10 SM Copyright ©2015 Trovagene, Inc. Confidential 100-1000 fold enrichment ~300,000 genome equivalents of cfDNA/200 mL of urine Collection, Extraction and Isolation of ctDNA Mutant Allele Enrichment Detection and Quantification Enables monitoring over time Ultra-Sensitive Detection and Quantitative Monitoring Integrates with NGS and digital PCR platforms LDT and CLIA compliant Compatible for tech transfer agreements

Intellectual Property Copyright ©2015 Trovagene, Inc. Confidential 11 51-110 bp TrNA Family Concentrating Urine Family Patent Term 2035 US provisional app filed 2034 US provisional app filed 2029 US & EU 2018 US & EU Small Footprint Family Monitoring Disease Family 20-50 bp TrNA Family Anion Exchange Purification Family Viral and Pathogen TrNA Families Patent Families TrNA Patent Family 2026 US, EU, JP, China, Australia, Canada, India 2034 US provisional app filed 2034 US provisional app filed 2027 US, EU, Canada

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