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Stock to Watch: Urban Outfitters

According to Rock Hill Daily, Urban Outfitters (NASDAQ: URBN) dropped slightly last week and remains a stock to watch throughout this week. The stock lost approximately 0.0129 percent, equaling about 0.0005 overall points.

Further, the company saw a $39.13 high and a low of $38.42, Rock Hill Daily reported. Shares closed low at $38.84.

Racked commenter andrewh989 said:

Urban can crash and burn, but i’m still pulling for AA to turn it around. There core has always been tshirts and basics that have been the base of my wardrobe for years… I don’t know what I would do

Racked commenter kohblob said:

As for AA, they often don’t stock utilitarian basics for women in their stores. I walk by one every day and the part I walk by is just crop tops, school girl skirts and booty shorts all year round. Why invest 38 dollars in a crop top, even if it is made in America? Most people that can wear crop tops are young and likely price conscious. People that are into sustainability are likely unimpressed by Dove’s entire essence.

I think AA and UO both have seen their base filter into other categories. A lot of viable alternatives have popped up in the last 5 years. Nastygal andASOSare more trend aware versions of AA’s sexy/edgy vibe. Many people grow older and would rather have classics from Everlane, Uniqlo or Madewell. Top shop and Zara sell stuff at a similar price point to AA and UO, but with a better grip on design. Anthropologie still appeals to a lot of professionals that want to channel their inner Zooey Deschanel, but their grandma chic is starting to look a bit dated.