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Do You Believe In IMF Miracles? Greek Unemployment Edition

Because nothing signals confidence like an IMF economic projection (as we have shown here, here, and here most recently), we thought it worth pointing out the dramatically optimistic collapse of Greek unemployment that Lagarde's top men (and women) are projecting for Greece...

IMF forcecasts greek joblessness to half in 5 years...

h/t @EconomistNiraj

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Is this forecast based on ECB QE or no ECB QE?

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Of course this is possible - especially if their plans for 'slavery' come to fruition...

As KeepTalkingGreece reports, the Greek Education Ministry seek fill 1,100 job vacancies with teachers who will gladly and proudly work on "voluntary basis." As far as we remember, working for nothing is, err, slavery; but that's not it at all... as Education Minister Andreas Loverdos, the slave teachers will be rewarded with "bonus points" that will help them improve their hiring options in the future.

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And it appears the slave-labor ideas is spreading...

200 employees at PM Samaras’ party Nea Dimokatia staged a warning protest and symbolically “occupied” the entrance of ND headquarters in Athens demanding to receive their wages. The ND staff has not been paid for 3.5 months.

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Why do we 'scoff' at this hockey-stick forecast of dramatic improvements in joblessness in the still-devastated economic shell that is Greece? Well here is the IMF in 2011...


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So, do you believe in v-shaped miracles?