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Reviews: EasyAcc 3-Port USB Car Charger

Often we come to having to load our iDevice in the car, especially for those who work or spend most of the time traveling. The use of a good charger Auto, is what it takes. But not only that, the Auto Charger EasyAcc has not one, not two, but three different USB ports, 1A, 2A and 2.1A, can provide, overall, 5.1 A power and then recharge simultaneously two iPad and a iPhone.

The car charger EasyAcc with 3 USB ports is delivered at home in a environmental packaging, which already promises to be the small size of the device, contained in just 35 x 24 x 60 mm. Considering the presence of three USB inputs, it is easy to understand that it was done a great job of planning. In short, limited space, many USB ports are available. Before you even see in detail the technical data of each input for charging is well to emphasize the strength of the materials of construction.

The black plastic is really solid to be with no faulty. The contours of the entire battery charger are made of aluminum, which give the small device greater strength and solidity. Different from chargers, those are sold by vendor’s parallel market. The two side pins, positive and negative, that block the charger into the compartment of the machine are quite strong and really hard to press. This ensures the small battery charger great solidity.

The three USB ports are capable of delivering, in total,5.1 A power, divided into 3 inputs respectively by 1 A, 2 A and 2.1 A. The charging times are fast enough, in fact, simultaneously reloading an iPhone and an iPad , a journey of about 30 minutes, the iPhone has increased from 60 to 90%, while the 'iPad Air 2 was able to recharge in about 25% during the same journey. And now, it is available in 6 colors, that is, black, white, gold, blue, grey and silver on Amazon.

Meanwhile, for the convenience for customers to make sure that the car charger is connected to a power source at a glance, it is featured with a LED indicator inside. Of course, in consideration of the safety when charging your devices, the 3-port USB car charger is also allocated with overcharge, overdischarge, overcurrent and short circuit protection on the one hand; on the other hand, it meets CE, RoHS, and FCC specifications. Therefore, there is no need to worry about whether it is safe to use or not.

When out for car travel with friends and families, EasyAcc 3-port USB car charger, at any time, could be regarded as a must-have for power supplement joint and letting your record and share the every sweet and happy moment.