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BHP Billiton Stock's Role In A Dividend Growth Portfolio

It provides exposure to resource prices, foreign exchange markets, foreign stock markets, and indirectly to developing economies.

The impact of the strong dollar on BHP Billiton is complicated and easy to underestimate: its output is priced in dollars.

Thus, there are numerous reasons to think the stock is attractive now, including the price of the stock.

As a leading global resource company, BHP Billiton is widely followed and well-known. BHP Billiton trades under two symbols (BBL) and (BHP). Which is the most attractive investment for an individual depends on tax considerations which are beyond the scope of this posting. Rather, throughout this posting the reference will be to BBL since it is the appropriate vehicle for most US investors. Because BBL is so well known, this posting skips doing a detailed description of the company. However, a few things are worth noting, because they relate to the thesis of this… Read More …