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Bart Stephens Bullish on Bitcoin, Blockchain: Invest For Kids Chicago Presentation

We're posting up notes from the Invest For Kids Chicago Conference 2017.  Next up is Bart Stephens of Blockchain Capital who is bullish on bitcoin, ethereum, and all things blockchain.

Bart Stephens' Invest For Kids Chicago Presentation: Bitcoin, Blockchain

$150 billion of value created in digital assets this year alone.  Silicon Valley and Wall Street have been totally absent so far in this rally.

Is bitcoin a bubble? Look at historical bubbles – they all involve levered financial speculators. Not here.

Bitcoin is driven by young people. Establishment hates it. Scale also matters in bubbles, and bitcoin is still very small.

Bitcoin is “gold 2.0”.  Blockchain technology is the world’s largest, most decentralized database – 1,000x larger than the sum of all of Google’s servers.  Blockchain has never had a hack of its protocol.  ICOs -- $2.5 billion raised YTD October; more ICOs this year than Nasdaq IPOs; some ICOs are good, some are bad.

Regulation – not illegal; taxable by the IRS; was a criminal conduit at first but gaining legitimacy; regulators have given us the rules of the road.

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