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Will this time Veizon Deal with Vodafone be Succesful?

Verizon communications Inc. (VZ) has been trying to take over Vodafone's (VOD) 45 percent stack in Verizon Wireless and willing to pay as much as $130 billion which is close to Verizon market cap $136.84 billion. Verizon attempts to make this deal happen for years but seems like this time it might happen. 

Verizon will use cash and debt for this deal and giant telecommunication company already had a talk with a bank to make a loan over $10 billion dollars. Therefore Verizon is in a run to get this deal done fast because the more it waits the more the interest rate will go up.  Verizon has a lot of pressure from its competitor like AT&T (ATT), Sprint (S) and T-Mobile USA(TMUS) that seems doing really well.  The reason that Vodafone has second thought and didn't really want to merge with Verizon yet because they can't agree with the price and afraid that this to big company join venture would trigger the tax and they might have to pay more than $10 billion for that. I guess we just have to see what is out come for this acquisition.