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3D Systems: The Baby That Should Not Go Out With The Bath Water

This past Tuesday was an epic pounding of 3D printing company stocks brought on by the dismal announcement that came out of Stratasys (SSYS). If you look at the action in these stocks you would think there is no future for any of these companies and being in them is a fool's errand. The analysts piled on too, writing off the entire sector until Hewlett-Packard (HPQ) shows its hand in terms of the products it will be launching early next year. Clearly there is no reason to own the smaller players when the 800-pound gorilla is entering the market.

Rewind back to 2000-2001 when the Internet bubble was bursting in a very spectacular fashion and everyone was writing off the Internet plays indiscriminately. Clearly they were not winning against the brick-and-mortar companies and there was no visible path to profitability. The logic goes that the barrier to entry was next… Read More …