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3 Biotech Stocks for August

Horizons Pharma (HZNP) reported solid revenue ($289.5M), an operating loss of $185.7M, and a loss of $1.29 a share. It guided revenue higher: $1.011B - $1.045B. This is up from a low of 985M. Adjusted EBITDA is as high as $375M.

HZNP, Horizon Pharma, Inc.

HZNP rose 20% pre-market on August 7, only to fall 7.89%. HZNP is a biotech pick for Value Stock members.

Acadia Pharmaceuticals (ACAD) reported revenue of $30.5M. It lost $0.55 per share in Q2. The physicians clearly like what they see. Higher Rx numbers are contrary to the $105-$115M annual guidance.

ACAD, ACADIA Pharmaceuticals Inc.

Is ACAD sandbagging the quarter? It is under-promising and over-delivering. ACAD is up ~ 10% after-market.

After topping $8.38, Kerx Biopharma (KERX) closed at $6.50. Markets ignored the 62% revenue growth in Q2, to $15.1M. EPS of ($0.77) – loss – against the 2017 guidance of Auryxia sales of $62M - $66M (USA). Kerx has compelling upside.

KERX, Keryx Biopharmaceuticals, Inc.