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Todd Gordon Is Betting Tesla Stock Will Drop. Should You Sell Now?

Todd Gordon of thinks that Tesla stock will drop when they report earnings today. He cites a few technical indicators that help him come to this conclusion. First, he sees the stock price is threatening uptrend support. He also notes that there is rising volatility in the stock, mainly due to investors placing more options on the stock.

While long term he is bullish on Tesla stock , he feels that come earnings, the stock is going to drop. As an investor, what should you do if you own Tesla (Nasdaq: TSLA)? What if you don’t own it? Should you be a buyer here or a seller?

Below are 5 reasons this stock will be around for the long term and why you need to invest in this company.

5 Great Reasons To Own Tesla Stock Long Term

Ask anyone about Tesla stock and you will get one of two opinions. Some people will note that the stock is vastly overvalued using just about any valuation method. They will also note that the company is spending cash like it is going out of style.

On the other hand, you have the people who like the stock. They see the company as an industry leader. As we transition away from fossil fuels to electric and hybrid car technology, some see Tesla as the company best poised to succeed and survive.

For a while I was in the camp of the stock being overvalued. But, I see the many positives and possibilities for the future for Tesla stock. So here are some reasons...