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Tesla’s Model S can turn into a boat (kinda), Musk claims

Floating isn’t the only extreme condition Tesla has prepared for. Its Model X SUV has a “bioweapon defense mode” for its air filters.

Looking at the other car and truck in that video, it doesn’t seem like it went through much more than a foot of water.    High speed + low car make a wave go over the hood, but it doesn’t look like the tires ever left the ground.   CSB: I drove through deep water once, deep enough that my car was floating.   The engine didn’t stall, and I manage to paddlewheel through it.   Didn’t have much steering or acceleration, and the car was bobbing like a cork the whole time.   Did an oil change when I got home.   Looked like chocolate milk.   Was an early 80’s lightweight car, and wasn’t worth more than scrap value, running or not.