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Whirlpool Still In Value Territory And Dividend Growth To Boot

Shares of appliance maker Whirlpool (WHR) shot higher on Wednesday after the company reported blowout earnings. The gains come on the back of an already-huge rally that began last October and has extended through to the present. The stock has certainly come a long way in the past three years and in particular, in the last few months after a long consolidation period. So in light of the earnings report, what do we make of WHR? In this article I'll take a look at WHR to see if the stock is still worth a look at new highs.

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I mentioned WHR reported earlier this week and the results were spectacular; the company posted a massive beat on its EPS estimates and revenue came in higher than expected as well. North America saw marked strength, posting 4% growth but the star was the EMEA business with 112% growth… Read More …