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Our palas has an area of ​​700 hectares, located an hour from Casablanca and Rabat
The property consists of 300 hectares of agricultural land and forest area of ​​400 hectares of bush along the river`s second-largest source of water in the region, and this topic is made up of the facility:
- Bridge the following special
- Water dam on the river to ensure the needs of my father`s property from the water.
- Residential buildings and other facilities.
... ... - The property is situated amid this topic 5,000 hectares of land known as hunting and fishing in the region. This preserves the natural beauty of the site and makes it an ideal environment for luxury residential project that respects the environment and blending landscape surrounding it.
Products property: sheep raising and cultivation of vineyards and olive trees, apiculture, the production of grains (wheat, oats and corn).
Leisure activities: hunting, fishing, horse riding, walking and swimming.
Detailed description of the property:
The left side: The area of ​​agricultural production
- 80 hectares of vineyards fenced and adopt drip irrigation.
- 4 hectares of olive trees.
- Area for stock raising capacity of 300 head of cattle and 1000 sheep.
- 10 tractors, harvest 3 machines, and 1 balance (70 tons).
- A residential area with large houses and 5 apartments.
- Stables for horses.
- Warehouses for storage.
- 1 power plant (160 kW).
- The gas station, `Africa.`
The right side of the property: a tourist attraction and leisure.
- 1 luxury villas, a tennis court.
- A large palace, a swimming pool, a night club.
- The establishment of security officers and guard.
The property includes 4 water pumps on the river and dam capacity of 200 horsepower each.
There are also 2 stations to generate electricity at the dam and the river card 160 kW for each of them .FOR MOR INFORMATION CALL 00212663114626