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How Greece could collapse the eurozone

EU fails to recognize that its actions may destabilize Europe

The Greek debt affair has also harmed the European Project, potentially irreparably.

The problem is not that the eurozone found itself facing serious economic challenges. The issue is its failure to anticipate the risk of such a crisis ever happening, the lack of contingency planning, and the eurozone’s inability to deal with the problem on a timely basis. The Greek crisis is now over five years old, with no signs of a permanent solution.

There are only unpalatable choices. Some concessions will not solve the problem. Other eurozone members will have to continue to provide additional financing to Greece, further increasing their risk. Favorable treatment for the Greek government risks opening a Pandora’s Box of demands from other countries to relax austerity measures. Demands for relaxation of budget deficit and debt level targets are likely from Spain, Portugal, Ireland, Italy, and France.