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The Paris No Show Mystery . . . .


The Daily News shows us how to dance a vintage dance called The Jerk.

From the ongoing series of bleats and wails and moaning editorial writers you would think that President Obama, by not attending the Paris rally for the deceased victims of the attacks on the Paris Newspaper Charlie Hebdo, had poison-gas bombed a School For Blind Children and Adorable Fuzzy Warm Kittens. The vitriol and forehead slapping invective is pouring down in a neverending IV drip of schadenfreude for our lame duck prez.

Congressman Randy Weber of Texas is a typical goofball, jumping on the bandwagon and promptly sticking his foot down his own throat back to the knee: "Even Adolf Hitler thought it more important than Obama to get to Paris (for all the wrong reasons). Obama couldn't do it for the right reasons."

What an idiot--I mean, like .  .  .  what in the world?

I would like to remind our holier than thou cadre of squeaky clean-as-the-driven-snow commentators that there is no doubt that our Dude In Chief is unquestionably an opponent of terrorism. Anyone who doubts this needs brain synapse surgery. 

I can't say with any certainty what the reasons for the man NOT going were, but I can surely tell you beyond all question that the reason is not that he feels neither sympathy or solidarity for either France in sum or the victims themselves.

Maybe there was something going on behind the scenes I'm not clued in to--but my guess is that his presence at such a spur of the moment, makeshift rally was just too impromptu. When American presidents attend anything, it's a royal pain in the glute for all involved--advance men from the Secret Service must tape sewers, hammer windows shut, get up on roofs and peer around through binoculars looking masculine, scope out the route and generally make everybody's lives miserable in the process.

I can hear a cadre of writers cackling: "But Prime Minster This, President That, and King The Other attended. They didn't need all that SS rigamarole..."

That's true.But these folks are only bosses of minor levels of the terrorism game. The President of the United States is the Bossi di tutti Bossi--you nick him and the game is over. It's not even close, in terms of comparison. I genuinely think Mahmoud Abbas of Palestine is a terrific man, but--although a nutcase terrorist getting near him would constitute a catastrophe--he is not a symbol of the order of the US President.

Mr. Obama probably would have done better than to send a local ambassador, but still--I don't hold his personal absence against him at all. It's time we all calm down and reserve our revulsion for the real enemy here: the loco gunmen who pull the revolting stunts that triggered this whole affair in the first place. 

Waiter! Give me a double order of sanity, please!

Preston Clive