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Bernie Sander's Destruction Of Ariad


Investors should reevaluate the risk/reward outlook in the healthcare sector. Political pressure, along with careless management decisions pose serious risks.

Ariad's stock lost over $30 million from a single Bernie Sanders tweet. Now, the senator and Rep. Cummings are doubling down on their attack on the company.

Why was Ariad willing to take such an irresponsible risk with its pricing? How desperate is the firm to improve its financial condition?

It is time for investors to take a closer look and the risk/reward prospects for investing in U.S listed healthcare stocks in 2016 and onward. This industry has become a short sellers dream and a long-term investors nightmare.

Ariad (NASDAQ:ARIA) is one of the best examples of the unique risks faced by investors in the healthcare sector.


Last Sunday Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders single handedly caused the destruction of $387 million in Ariad shareholder value with a single

Drug corporations' greed is unbelievable. Ariad has raised the price of a leukemia drug to almost $199,000 a year.

According to, Ariad - despite the pressure falling on its peers (Valeant (NYSE:VRX), Mylan (NASDAQ:MYL) and Turing Pharmaceuticals) - has raised the price of its Leukemia drug, Iclusig, four times, a total of 27 percent, in the year of 2016 alone.

The list price of the medication is now $16,560 per month.

In response to these concerns, the company issued a statement amounting to what could derisively be called 'the Martin Shrekli defense' - alluding to the arguments made by the former CEO of Turing Pharmaceuticals.

We have substantial clinical data highlighting the benefits of Iclusig, as...