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Jessica Alba's Company Burns in More Ways than One

After complaints have surfaced on social media over the past few months, The Honest Company, co-founded by actress Jessica Alba, is promising to reach out to every person that complained.

According to CNN Money, the product in question, SPF 30 Honest Sunscreen, has left many customers with a sunburn every after they claim to have applied the lotion according to the directions.

CNN Money reported The Honest Company changed the ingredients of the lotion recently and reduced the amount of zinc oxide by more than half; which is the ingredient in the product responsible for blocking the sun.

Despite the complaints, The Honest Company maintained that the product works as advertised, stating since the product was changed, it’s even more effective. The company suggests the users that were burned perhaps did not apply the lotion correctly.

From a public relations perspective, this isn’t the most positive way the company could have handled this incident. Yes, they have offered to reach out to the customers that complained via social media. However, to not offer a refund and suggest the customers were applying the product incorrect only burns the customers in a different way.

Looks like Banana Boat (NYSE: ENR) may be the new sunscreen favorite. 

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